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Man shot by deputy in Fresno after reportedly threatening to kill woman

A man was shot multiple times Friday by a Fresno County sheriff’s deputy after a 911 caller said the man wanted to kill her.

Deputies arrived to a home in a central Fresno county island on the 3400 block of Circle Court East around 2:35 p.m. and found the man on the driveway of the home, holding the knife. He made advancements toward the deputy, sheriff’s spokesman Tony Botti said.

The deputy told the man to drop the knife, but the man refused.

Later, the deputy fired multiple shots and the man fell to the ground. Botti said the deputy felt threatened.

First aid was rendered before an ambulance arrived and took the man to Community Regional Medical Center, where he underwent surgery, Botti said.

His name and age has not been released. Around 8 p.m. Friday, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department stated the suspect was out of surgery and was in stable condition.

According to the investigation, several people in the area, including the 911 caller, appeared to know who the man is, but it was unclear if he lives in the area.

The deputy who shot the man is a veteran with the sheriff’s office. Botti did not give his name and said the deputy would be interviewed at a later time.

Investigators from the District Attorney’s office were on scene as well as homicide detectives to assist in the investigation.

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