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Raiders’ Josh Jacobs is all for all-black uniforms. Is it time to ‘rewrite’ tradition?

Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs would like to wear all-black uniforms.

After a graphic designer posted a picture on Twitter of Jacobs in the black uniform, the former Alabama star responded to the picture.

“@Raiders this different. Need them.”

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Whether the Raiders add it to the list of alternates, we have to say the graphic looks pretty good.

The Raiders could think about bringing the all-black uniforms in or possibly deem that as a Color Rush uniform. They already have an all-white Color Rush with silver numbers.

In 2018, the NFL allowed teams to wear alternate uniforms three times.

Some NFL teams already have worn all-black uniforms. The Atlanta Falcons wore black pants to match its black jerseys as part as a redesign for the 2020 season. Falcons President Rich McKay said in a statement the redesign was influenced by feedback from fans.

“Black has been a part of our organization since we took the field in 1966, so we’ve stayed true to our roots and have given our fans and players what they’ve been asking for over many years,” he said.

The Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers also have all-black uniforms.

Maybe it’s the Raider Nation’s turn to let owner Mark Davis and team president Marc Badain why it would be a good idea to go all black on occasion.

Jacobs added on Twitter that “before everyone start bringing up tradition, look at the last decade. It’s time we rewrite that.”

Raider Nation was on board and would like to see that happen.

Perhaps if Jacobs and Raider Nation keeps telling the franchise about the all-black uniforms, maybe the Raiders will follow the Falcons in wearing all black.

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